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Donate a Thundershirt!

Moving forward in 2014, CCLAS plans to increase our footprint and outreach. We are actively working with city officials on a capitol improvement project for the shelter, as well as identifying new local partners for adoption events and fundraising opportunities.

Your membership fees and your donations are used to improve the lives and welfare of Lakewood’s pet population. Since CCLAS is a citizens committee that strives for authenticity and transparency, we have included a few facts below about how we distribute our funds.

• CCLAS is purchasing new cat cages for the shelter in 2014 - totaling over $3,500.

• CCLAS strives to alter every animal adopted through the shelter. In an effort to be resourceful with your donations, we have developed a low-cost partnership with the Cleveland APL spay/neuter clinic. CCLAS is responsible for reimbursing the city for half of all spay/neuter costs accumulated throughout the year - our financial responsibility to the city can be as high as $5,000.

• CCLAS assists the shelter in providing medical care for sick or unhealthy cats. During 2012, our vet bills were 50 percent higher than during 2011. A single animal’s bills can range anywhere from $50 to more than $1100.

• We are pleased to announce that we continue to host monthly off-site adoption events. Some of our donation funds are used toward buying supplies for those events.

Your monetary support makes it possible for us to help our Lakewood Animal Shelter remain on par with other local shelters and rescue organizations. With your help, we can improve the quality of life for Lakewood’s adoptable animals, and increase their chance for a loving home. We’ve made it easier than ever to help:

Become a CCLAS Member
As a paid member of CCLAS, you will receive a monthly enewsletter update. You are also invited to our member’s meetings, which are held every other month at the Lakewood Public Library. Current memberships also include voting rights, which help to set our agenda throughout the year.

New! CCLAS annual dues are:
Great Dane $30 (Includes t-shirt and CCLAS sticker)
L abrador Retriever $20 (Includes CCLAS sticker)
Corgi $10

Membership Levels
*Danes only, t-shirt style/size?

Click here to download a membership or donation form.

Membership payments and donations can be mailed to:
CCLAS: Citizens Committee for the Lakewood Animal Shelter
P.O. Box 771323
Lakewood, OH 44107




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