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Available for Adoption

Due to the fact that Petfinder is such a popular resources for animal rescues and shelters, sometimes the pictures are slow to appear on their database. Two other possible resources to see our adoptables are on our Facebook page and on Adopt-A-Pet.


Looking for a dog?
We don't always get a chance to post the dogs available for adoption, we encourage you to call the shelter directly at (216) 529-5020. Or check out the website for Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter.

The Pet Adoption Program has 3 components:

The Pet Adoption Program began in 1985. Funded by the Citizens Committee for a Lakewood Animal Shelter (CCLAS) and the City of Lakewood, the program’s focus is to find good homes for healthy stray animals.

1) Animal Control Officers pick up stray puppies, dogs, kittens, or cats that are wondering the streets. They are transported to the animal shelter in the Metroparks where the animals are held for several days waiting for the owner to claim it. If unclaimed, the animal may be put up for adoption. Some animals are abandoned at the shelter, while others are brought in by citizens after finding the strays in empty buildings, under porches, or on their property.

2) All animals are examined upon arrival. If they appear healthy, they are given an initial vaccination and worming medication. Any minor ailments, such as fleas or ear mites, are treated with pet meds. The animals is then ready for adoption.

3) If an animal is selected, the necessary paperwork is completed.
Your $35 adoption fee includes initial deworming medicines, initial vaccination, capstar flea pill (seasonal), a collar with identification tag, a cardboard carrier, initial veterinarian visit with second vaccination from participating local veterinarian, and a voucher valued at $75 off a spay/neuter redeemable at most local veterinarian

Adoption Hours
Tuesday, Thursday: 12 pm-6 pm
Wednesday, Friday & Saturday: 12 pm-4 pm

Lakewood Animal Shelter
1299 Valley Parkway Trail
Lakewood 44107
(216) 529-5020

(near the water treatment plant)

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