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2004 Spay/Neuter Program

Did you know. . . .

      Approximately 71% of cats and kittens and 56% of dogs and puppies entering shelters are euthanized due to lack of homes, based on reports from 1,055 facilities across America.  Meanwhile, tens of millions of feral and stray cats struggle to survive out on their own.

      It costs U.S. taxpayers an estimated $2 billion each year to round up, house, kill, and dispose of homeless animals.

      An estimated 5 million cats and dogs are killed every year in pounds and shelters.

      For every home you find for an animal you have bred, a home is lost for a shelter animal.

      In 2003, 518 cats and dogs were impounded at the Lakewood Animal Shelter, and only 211 found homes.

      Spaying or neutering your pet:

      Reduces behavioral problems such as aggression, spraying and roaming.

      Reduces the risk of cancer and reproductive disorders.

      Is the single most important thing you can do to prevent animal cruelty!

Help stop the pet over-population problem by getting your pet altered.  Citizens Committee for a Lakewood Animal Shelter (CCLAS) will pay the bill for a routine spay/neuter procedure at participating veterinarians.  Just clip and mail in the coupon from the reverse side of this flyer and CCLAS will issue a certificate, with complete instructions for use, on a first come/first serve basis until designated funds are depleted, or through the end of 2004.  Please note applicable terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions

         Offer valid for Lakewood residents.*

         Certificate expires 60 days from issue date.

         Certificate may not be used in conjunction with any other discount offer.

         Pets older than six months of age are eligible.

         Pets adopted through the Lakewood Animal Shelter are eligible for a separate program offered through the Shelter at the time of adoption.  Call 529-5020 for more information.

         Not valid for cats who will be declawed.**

         One certificate per pet will be issued on a first come/first serve basis until designated funds are depleted, or through the end of 2004.

         The certificate is valid only for routine spay or neuter costs.  All charges incurred for any complications or additional services will be the owners responsibility and must be paid in full at the time services are performed.  You will receive specific instructions for use of the certificate.  Be sure to discuss with your vet any potential non-routine procedures including pre-diagnosed infections, females in heat or pregnant, males with undescended testicles, dogs 50 lbs. and over, or age (older pets).

         The veterinarian reserves the right to decline to perform the procedure based on the health or disposition of your pet, or may require your pet be up to date on certain vaccines.  The veterinarian may recommend certain blood tests prior to surgery, which you may choose to waive.  Be sure to inquire when making your appointment.  Low cost vaccinations are available at the PetsMart stores.  Call (440) 777-8900 for more information on shots.

This program is sponsored by CCLAS, a non-profit volunteer organization.  The City of Lakewood and Lakewood Animal Shelter are not associated with this program.

After receiving your certificate, you will be responsible for making the office appointment with one of the following two clinics:

For cats:

A Snip in Time

2069 West 65th Street

Cleveland, OH  44102

Phone:  (216) 651-7142


Dr. Mel Kress is founder of the 501(c)(3) charitable organization, Heart of Kitty Hill dba A Snip in Time, and has been in veterinarian practice for 17 years.  He operated a private clinic in Mentor until 1998 when he made the decision to devote his practice exclusively to providing low-cost spay/neuter services for cats including those who are feral, stray and orphaned.

For dogs:

Lakewood Animal Hospital

14572 Madison Avenue

Lakewood, OH  44107

Phone:  (216) 226-0400


Lakewood Animal Hospital has been part of the community since 1980.  Its staff of five veterinarians is equipped to provide complete medical and surgical care at their full service hospital.  Its sister facility, The Cat Clinic, located at the western end of Madison, provides the same quality health care for cats.

* Non-Lakewood residents:  Please contact us for referral to a low cost spay/neuter clinic in your area.

**A Snip in Time does not perform declawing procedures.  If you intend to have your cat declawed, you must make spay/neuter arrangements with a different vet so that the surgeries can be performed together. Repeated administration of anesthesia will pose unnecessary risks to your cat.  Please see our website for informational links on alternatives to declawing.


To receive a certificate- Send an email to with the following information:

Your name

Your address and phone number

Your pet's name, age, dog or cat